Jumping in on Monday

The only thing I would like to do today is go back to bed, but I need to increase my income on ebay and amazon so that maybe I can stop working so much overtime outside of the home.

Today I am listing all sorts of odds and ends.

Goals for the week:

1. Ebay: Current 67. Goal = 100

2. Amazon: Current 218. Goal: 400

By the end of the month I would like to send at least 5 items into Amazon FBA. FBA is still super scary to me. I can never feel like the potential profit is high enough to send the items to Amazon to ship, but the having my item in the coveted “buy box” is so tempting. I need to find 5 high profit items.

Good luck on this Exhausting Happy Monday reaching your goals!!

Rebecca Rae


April Goals 2015

My Goals for this month:

1. Use all ebay listings I pay for with Store subscription.

2. Raise listings to 150 split between auction and fixed price.

3. List all books in our house on Amazon.

March insane choice

Yesterday I had almost 2000 items listed on Amazon….that is what it said, who knows if that was true or where all those items were. Could I really have two-thousand items listed on Amazon in my home? That is ludicrous!

So, I deleted them ALL!

Yep, that’s right. I went through & I deleted every single listing, cause once i got started why not finish SOMeTHING??

So now I am working on going back through every book in our library, every stuffy in my totes, every single item I have and deciding whether to re-list on amazon & ebay or toss into the garage sale pile, recycle pile, or donate.

I better get started…


Goals for 2015

1. Pay off all Credit Card Debt

2. Write every single day.

3. Stay out of debt by setting up an emergency fund.

4. Find other creative ways to make income without a full time job outside of the home.



This day is like a series of groundhog days for me where I feel like I am standing in quicksand. No matter what I do around the house to dig myself out of this hole…I just keep sinking further. I work on eBay, amazon, laundry, cleaning and I leave one room, enter another and back to the same sinking feeling. HELP!!

I just want to be writing……

Making money by accident

Last week we choose to clean out the garage on a Saturday. We unloaded everything out onto the driveway and it looked kind of like this….


My husband starting sweeping the garage while I began looking through a box of junk, picking things to throw out, or bring inside to photograph for ebay.

I noticed a shadow over me and jumped. There was an older gentleman sorting through a box next to me. “Not a very organized garage sale…” he commented with a huff.

I stood up from my box and noticed about 6 cars pulling up outside of our house with eager people joining this man to look through our stuff.

“Ummm…..hubbs….” I yelled as I carried my box back into the garage.

“How much do you want for this tote of clothes?” He was being asked by an eager woman as I was walking into the garage.

“Those are not for sale, those are our kids clothes” I stated, stacking the tote on the box I was carrying.

“What can we sell then?” My hubby asked as someone approached him with our push mower and weed eater.


I was annoyed, but my Hubby saw this as a fantastic way to make money without having to list stuff online or even advertise that we were having a garage sale.

“Everyone, we are cleaning out our garage.” I announced. “This is not a garage sale.”

“But everything we want to get rid of we are putting on the lawn!” My husband added emphatically as he placed an old stereo component onto the lawn (which someone quickly snatched up.)

We quickly got organized and took things out of people’s hands that we didn’t want to sell, adding things to the lawn quickly that we wanted to get rid of.

Our daughter made a quick sign about lawn items only for sale.

We quickly had a clean garage and an extra $150 bucks in our pockets.


This might not work for everyone, but in our crazy small town, if you live on a busy street and choose to clean out your garage on a Saturday. Expect to make some extra spending money or to argue with passer buyers to keep your belongings.

It was the most successful garage sale we have ever had!

What are some of the ways you have made extra money unexpectedly?